From warm beers
to a yurt factory.

A hot, May afternoon.
We were on a farm.
With every passing can,
the beer was getting warmer.
And warm beer rarely makes
for great conversation.

“Beer needs to be chilled”, Praveen said. You need a fridge to put the cans in, he noted later. Another can went by before Tony commented that you need something to put the fridge in. That’s when yurts first came into the picture — the something to put the fridge in, to put the can in.

That initial yurt went to the place where our many ideas have gone before — The Big Book Of Beer Babble. Till another day and another beer convinced us that building a yurt is an inexpensive, fun project. We were both wrong and right.

But the yurt came up. It looked bloody good. And the construction was bloody good fun. So we put a fridge in it, plugged it in. We had adequately chilled beer. And the fun project became The Out Factory.

Add some

And then a team put itself together.
A bunch of folks who actually dislike beer. But who are as passionate and as insane about tinkering with timber.
A bunch so intense, they work day and night. And weekdays and weekends alike.

The Out Factory

For us, The Out Factory is about being
unconventional, unusual and uncommon.
About creating unbelievable ideas for the outdoors.

Today, our Big Book is getting bigger.
With a whole lot of conversations.
How do we create novel outdoor experiences?
How can we get these experiences closer to the city?
What new glamping ideas can we come up with?
How do we consistently think outside concrete boxes?
How do we ensure our ideas are sustainable?
Is the beer chilled yet?

Whatever be the answers we come up with, whenever,
this we assure you today.
They will be #OutOfTheOrdinary.

The Out Factory at work




Calls himself an entrepreneur.
But what he is, is a restless soul.

Which led him to build XtremeZone,
co-found Knewcleus (now Engagedly),
then co-found Desire Desire, Roombr
and of course, The Out Factory

The Out Factory in many ways,
is his profile — outside the box,
outside four walls, outside convention.

You are most likely to find him on his feet.

Tony George


Tony George

Calls himself a copywriter. Though
often, he wonders what he does.

After time at Mudra, Lintas and
McCann, writing on everything from
elephants to pins, he founded The
Circle, co-founded Desire Desire and
now, The Out Factory.

Getting out is something he dearly
loves. As long as it involves cars and
bikes. And does not involve social

He is most likely procrastinating
at the moment.

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