As people directly affected by environmental crises, we are forced to be more cautious with our consumption and manufacturing habits. It is evident that the world is aligning itself with the ideals of sustainability, making it increasingly important for manufacturers to promote the necessary degree of sustainability through their products.
Well, The Out Factory inculcates both, luxury and reusability in its product and production process. From the biggest parts of the yurt, to the smallest details, we promote the concepts of ‘Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle’.
The top most part of the yurt is a polycarbonate dome that is reusable and recyclable. When polycarbonate is heated to its melting point, it melts to a liquid form which can be reshaped. The endgame of recycling is to make new items out of our old ones, and polycarbonate fits directly into that description. Also, polycarbonate works well to diffuse light, and can control the internal temperature of a room, reducing the need for air conditioning and heating.
Supporting the dome are the wooden rafters, khana rods, and a tono ring. This forms the largest part of the yurt. Sourced from the leader in sustainable forest management, Canadian wood is harvested sustainably and regenerated quickly. This material can be repurposed upon disposal as firewood, for construction, etc, making it recyclable, reusable, and helps the company maintain a low carbon footprint.

Surrounding the wooden framework, we have three layers – high tensile ferrari fabric (outer fabric), reflective insulation, and an inner lining. These three fabrics are demountable fabrics that are lightweight and eco-friendly. They are also recyclable and reusable as these materials are extremely malleable. Due to lower embodied carbon of the materials used, they can reduce the operational energy usage, further reducing the companies carbon footprint. This is possible as the materials, similar to the polycarbonate dome, helps in regulating temperatures within the yurt.
Lastly, to ensure the yurt stays put, we use stainless steel fasteners- nuts, bolts, and a cable- that are 100% recyclable. No matter how many changes it goes through, the material quality of it is not affected. So, it can be repurposed time and again.
These four components cover all the materials used to create a yurt. However, even the process of manufacturing ensures that we have the lowest carbon footprint. We achieve this by using electrical machines, eliminating the use of fossil fuels and coat the wood using natural wax oil, a natural protective coating. The wooden scraps generated are also distributed to people who can repurpose them, reducing the amount of waste we produce.

So, The Out Factory uses materials that are carefully sourced, ensuring we have the lowest environmental impact. We work towards producing a 100% reusable and recyclable hand crafted yurt, allowing you to have a guilt free experience of luxury!

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