1. Every day, you hear of new hotels and resorts being launched in the market. In such a competitive and fast-changing environment, upgrading existing properties or setting up new one requires time, investment and effort.
  2. To add to this, affordable hotels are now providing luxury services at lower costs, making existing ‘luxury’ properties obsolete. All these many stressors are forcing resort owners to think outside the box!
  3. The Out Factory has exactly what you’re looking for! We give you an out of the ordinary product — a yurt! And hey, we have 10 reasons why every resort owner should be looking at us. (And some more!)
  4. The first, is its incredible ROI. Yurts are prefabricated structures that can be installed within 72 hours. This takes away the months of construction required to add an extra room to your resort. No fuss installation allows you to run your resort smoothly, without any disruption to the luxurious experience you provide your customers.
  5. Additionally, a yurt is more affordable than a concrete construction, but does not take away aspects of luxury. In fact, it amplifies and screams luxury louder. Luxury tents may be a quick and super affordable option, but who wouldn’t want to elevate their resorts with a timeless yurt?
  6. Making back on your investment will take no time with a yurt. Not only because of its quick installation and affordability, but because it gives customers the experience of a lifetime. With its high volume and lattice walls, a yurt ties in all the elements of nature, allowing your customers to experience true luxury — the luxury of peace, the luxury of nature, the luxury of beauty and, most importantly, the luxury of breaking monotony.
  7. Why would a travelller leave a box to holiday in a box? The roundness of the yurts breaks monotony of all kinds, allowing your customers to escape their realities and enjoy a new space and a new world. This is why the yurt is now a favourite for travellers from across the globe!
  8. Yurts are also highly customisable. You can use it to build a spa, a gym, a library, or even a home fit for a king (the emperor Genghis Khan lived in a yurt all his life). Your yurt can be anything you could dream of.
  9. The Out Factory yurts are also low maintenance and reusable. Our yurts require only a monthly pressure-wash to maintain its charm, reducing overall costs for your resort. It is also a highly reusable product as its materials are eco-friendly and contribute to the idea of sustainability. Using a yurt can reduce your resort’s carbon footprint, allowing you to align with the global change we all need.
  10. And most importantly, yurts are a great solution for dealing with CRZ regulations as they are temporary and not permanent concrete structures.

So there you have it, 10 reasons why The Out Factory yurts are great! They are customizable, unique, quick to install, are great ROI, low maintenance, are affordable, reusable (with a lower carbon footprint), help overcome CRZ regulations, scream luxury and hence, deliver a fabulous customer experience! Wish to know more?

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