Yurts are unique, last longer than luxury tents, and need zero maintenance. (And they were Genghis Khan’s favourite.)

Travellers across the globe are looking for experiences. They are bored of basic hotel rooms and passé luxury tents. To break the monotony, hotel owners have been going above and beyond to curate an experience that surpases the norms of luxury, something extraordinary!

What better to cater to your needs than a Yurt? An out of the ordinary prefab home that will give travelers an exclusive experience and reduce the blood pressure of the hotel owner too! Its round and voluminous structure gives travelers an experience that transports them from the routine of everyday life. The wooden lattice and uniqueness of the Yurt brings a fresh, fulfilling perspective on luxury. Lastly, who wouldn’t love stargazing through the Yurt’s dome, allowing them to bring the outdoors in. A Yurt gives travelers everything they want from a holiday, making it the perfect addition to a hotel or resort in all corners of the world. Also, It is a highly customizable structure, giving hotel owners the perfect opportunity to create any experience, anywhere.

We also often see hotels and resorts spending large sums towards the maintenance and upkeep of luxury tents. This becomes a tedious burden to the hotel owners and is an expensive chore. However, The Out Factory has got you covered! With just one pressure wash a month, the Yurt is a steady structure that can thrive in all weather conditions. Zero maintenance luxury- unheard of, I know!

The History of yurts is not only testament to the ease of maintaining them, but also installing them too! For decades, Mongolians have resided and continue to reside in yurts, proving they have lasted through the evolution of time. While luxury tents are quick fixes, a yurt not only provides a fast solution, but a sustainable one as well. Not to mention, Genghis Khan once lived in a Yurt too, making it fit for royalty. Now if that isn’t luxury, what is!

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